Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zinc Air Inc Highlighted in Do Business in Montana Newsletter


Look who Created 33 Jobs!

Zinc Air has created 33 jobs as of today and continues to grow with a goal of creating a total of 42 jobs.

Nine Montana Companies from around the state were honored with an innovative business award at the first annual Governor’s Innovation day and Awards Dinner at Montana State University. Zinc Air, Inc. from Columbia Falls was honored.The company is developing a grid storage system focused on breaking the cost benefit threshold which is currently limiting widespread adoption of alternative energy. Zinc Air is developing and delivering a battery system that is safe, sustainable and cost effective which will allow for a rapid industry adoption, wider social acceptance, and facilitate a reduction of fossil fuel carbon emissions.

For information regarding ZAI’s line of energy storage product contact Mr. Dave Wilkins, CEO - ZAI, at 406-755-9462 (

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zinc Air Inc: The Prospects for Grid Scale Energy Storage

Zinc Air Inc: The Prospects for Grid Scale Energy Storage

The economic engine of the United States uses over 40 quadrillion BTU’s per year, with only a small portion of this being supplied by renewable energy sources (RES’s). The limited adoption of RES’s is primarily due to the unreliable nature of their power production characteristics with regard to consumption.  A solution to this problem is large-scale energy storage, which would allow RES’s to be seamlessly integrated into our electrical grid. However, an electrical energy storage method must meet three criteria:
  1. 1.     The device must be safe, environmentally benign, and efficient
  2. 2.     The resources must exist to build the devices
  3. 3.     The device should cost no more than the lowest cost of an alternative energy source such as gas-fired turbines.
ZAI’s Zinc – Iron Flow Battery uniquely meets these requirements and is therefore a long term and logical choice for grid-scale energy storage.
ZAI’s zinc – iron flow battery consists of a zinc / zincate anode, a cathodic iron anion complex in an aqueous alkaline supporting electrolyte, and proprietary high efficiency electrodes in a stack configuration that allows parallel electrolyte feeds without significant shunt losses. The selection of chemistry permits the use of common and low cost materials such as zinc oxide, iron salts, polypropylene, steels, and nickel coatings. The electrochemistry has round-trip energy efficiency comparable to lithium ion, yet as a water-based electrolyte, provides unsurpassed safety.  The low cost, safety, and efficiency inherent to this system thereby provides a natural scalability to the megawatt-hour range and above.
The commercialization of the ZAI Zinc – Iron battery has focused on three critical areas:
  • Electrodes:  ZAI has developed high efficiency (low polarizing at low flowrates and low gassing) electrode designs and alloys that improve the cost of operation of the battery. Consequently, these electrodes allow high power charge and discharge that makes the designs suitable for a variety of revenue streams.
  • Electrolytes: Low-cost aqueous electrolyte blends have been developed that improve the deposition quality of zinc and thus capacity and allows extended reliable service. In addition, these electrolyte blends allow higher concentrations of metal salts without the associated problems of precipitation.
  • Manifolds: A manifolding system has been developed that minimizes parasitic shunt currents without impeding flow significantly.
Using these innovations, ZAI has developed the Z20-60 (60kW / 120kWh) energy storage system, which is scheduled for production in 2013. The Z20 is a containerized module, designed to be integrated into megawatt-sized systems. The Z20 is among the most cost effective solutions, is location independent, and yet still covers a large application range for flexible revenue options.
It is proposed in this presentation that the energy needs for the world can be reconciled with a combination of RES’s and large scale storage. Zinc is a logical a cost-effective means to achieve this and will allow regional interests to generate their own grid infrastructure with the natural resources at hand. In particular, ZAI’s Z-20 family of products can meet these needs with both high power and high capacity cells suitable for large-scale deployment on the electrical grid, and provides the lowest-risk path to stable carbon emissions, energy security, and the establishment of a safe means to develop our nation.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zinc Air Inc. Named a Presenter at Upcoming Venture Capital Conference

Columbia Falls, MT September 4, 2012 – Zinc Air, Inc. (ZAI), an emerging global player in the field of energy storage, is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one out of only fourteen presenters to speak at the 2012 Venture Capital in the Rockies Fall Conference.  The conference is scheduled for September 26th – September 28th at the Big Sky Resort in the Summit Hotel located at One Loan Mountain Trail in Big Sky, Montana.

“We are excited for the opportunity to showcase Zinc Air, Inc. as a presenter at VCIR Fall 2012 in front of a talented group of investment bankers, venture capitalists and private investors from around the country. The conference also allows the Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association and KPMG LLP to showcase the outstanding investment opportunities in the Rocky Mountain Region to the investment community from around the country,” states the VCIR Committee.

Zinc Air, Inc. is a leader in developing technologies for energy storage systems designed to positively impact our future for global energy efficiency. Zinc Air, Inc. understands that the global economy makes commercial and industrial resource efficiency more important than ever. With their innovation in developing large-scale storage systems, Zinc Air, Inc. will meet the energy needs in addition to providing demand reduction, load shifting, backup generation, and integration of distributed generation from renewables. For more information on the conference, visit to view the agenda.

About Zinc Air, Inc.:
Zinc Air, Inc. is developing grid-level energy storage solutions. Founded in 2009, and based on ten previous years of research, it is now commercializing systems for mega-watt applications. ZAI has assembled a world-class team of experts to deliver complete solutions to our customers. The ZAI solution is safe, cost effective and scalable to meet the needs of today’s ever changing energy landscape. To learn more, visit

Media Contact:  Kevin Waldher

Phone: (406) 755-ZINC (9462)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Zinc Air Inc Working with Wind Farm Technology

Juhl Wind Inc. (OTCBB: JUHL), the leader in Community Wind Power, signed a Letter of Intent with Zinc Air, Inc. for the installation of a 1 Megawatt advanced energy storage system developed by Zinc Air. Juhl Wind plans to install the system at its recently acquired Woodstock Hills wind farm located near the Company’s headquarters in Woodstock, Minnesota.

Zinc Air Inc., based in Kalispell, Montana, is the developer of a Zinc Redox flow battery designed to achieve rapid payback periods while also being the greenest battery technology on the market. This competitive storage solution allows a wind farm to store and shift wind power for flexible use by utility operators.

“We selected Zinc Air and its core technology for our first system because we believe it offers the combination of being the most advanced technology along with the most environmentally safe option in the field of energy storage,” stated Dan Juhl, Chairman and CEO of Juhl Wind. “We have carefully studied the growth in storage technologies because we believe large scale storage will unlock the full value of wind power. If we can build a combination wind farm with storage for the cost of a new coal plant, we are confident we can deliver totally clean electricity that can compete head-to-head with the wholesale energy market today and into the future. With no fuel costs and all of the obvious health benefits, if we can deliver a dispatchable resource that is head-to-head competitive, wind power can grow even more rapidly. At Juhl, we want to be on the forefront of this next wave of wind power.”

We look forward to working with Juhl Wind on this initial program and the additional follow-on utility-scale storage systems programs,” stated Dave Wilkins, President and CEO of Zinc Air Inc. “As one of the leading developers of wind power, Juhl Wind is a strategic partner that establishes Zinc Air in the critical wind energy market. The wind energy market and other renewable markets will continue to be a focus for the company in order to best exploit flow battery technology.”

For more information about Zinc Air Inc technologies and how to get involved, please contact Kevin Walder at (406) 755-ZINC (9462). Visit the website at