Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zinc Air Inc Highlighted in Do Business in Montana Newsletter


Look who Created 33 Jobs!

Zinc Air has created 33 jobs as of today and continues to grow with a goal of creating a total of 42 jobs.

Nine Montana Companies from around the state were honored with an innovative business award at the first annual Governor’s Innovation day and Awards Dinner at Montana State University. Zinc Air, Inc. from Columbia Falls was honored.The company is developing a grid storage system focused on breaking the cost benefit threshold which is currently limiting widespread adoption of alternative energy. Zinc Air is developing and delivering a battery system that is safe, sustainable and cost effective which will allow for a rapid industry adoption, wider social acceptance, and facilitate a reduction of fossil fuel carbon emissions.

For information regarding ZAI’s line of energy storage product contact Mr. Dave Wilkins, CEO - ZAI, at 406-755-9462 (

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