Monday, October 22, 2012

Zinc Air Inc Producing Grid Storage System

Storage is an invaluable human ability. We store food in places where it won’t rot. We store cherished personal mementos. We store information, in far-reaching digital formats and home file cabinets. And we store energy when we can.

But David Wilkins says, for all our strengths in storing life’s necessities, we are sorely lacking in our ability to store one of our most fundamental forms of energy – electricity – on a large scale. His business, Zinc Air Inc., exists to address that void.

Zinc Air, headquartered in a building on U.S. Highway 2 near Columbia Falls, has brought together an accomplished team of scientists and businessmen who boast the types of resumes that let you know they are serious about what they do.

Together, they are preparing to introduce to the market a grid storage system – a battery – that uses flow battery technology and is capable of storing large amounts of electricity with cost-effective efficiency.

 Zinc Air, a private investor-funded enterprise, currently has 14 full-time employees, not including subcontractors, but both Wilkins and Hayes say that number will grow substantially. Hayes said his company has “a strong bias toward Montana” and would like to keep operations here, noting that “the state government is aware, very aware, of our desires and has been helpful.”

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