Saturday, December 1, 2012

Zinc Air Inc Leading the Way for Energy Storage

Zinc Air Inc is on the cutting edge of renewable energy and energy storage systems. Renewable Energy World has a company page featuring the Zinc Air Inc information. Visit the page at

Zinc Air Inc. (ZAI) exists to fulfill Edison’s vision of providing reliable and plentiful storage to the world. We have leveraged simple, clean and efficient energy storage technology which was developed under corporate and the Department of Energy sponsorship. We are bringing our battery to market to fundamentally and permanently change the reliability, stability and efficiency of the existing electrical grid.

Zinc Air has established an impressive intellectual property portfolio with 15 patents pending and five international PTC applications. Recently, the company received notice that its first patent application was allowed, which was critical to our planned cost reductions in the near future. In addition to the filed patents, the company continues to innovate with several additional patent applications in process.

The company’s fundamental patent filings cover all areas including core chemistry, system design and battery operation. Several of our patent applications are inter-locking providing additional security of our entire patent portfolio. The company’s patent strategy is being led by its CTO, Ron Brost, PhD, who headed up Ford’s Fuel Cell Patent Committee for eight years. Ron is working closely with our patent counsel, Brooks Kushman, P.C., to ensure the proper execution of our patent strategy and intellectual property development.

1. Fluid Flow Simulations 4. Electrode model
2. Electrical / Thermal 5. Structural Models
3. Shunt current Modeling 6. Manufacturing
Renewable Energy Sources
Green Energy
Clean Energy
Energy Storage Grid System
Energy Efficiency Resources

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